An Interview with Sierra at Camden Yards

I had a chance to chat with Sierra, a 22-year-old baseball fanatic originally from Santa Rosa, CA. who now lives and works in Baltimore. She loves Camden Yards. Does she love the Orioles yet? Well…maybe she’ll come around. Below you’ll find the full transcript. You can listen to the audio version by clicking here. And you can find the larger story of my time in Baltimore here. Enjoy!

Me: Let’s just talk a little bit about your love for baseball. I am here with Sierra, who is originally from Santa Rosa. Then you moved to Milwaukee?

Sierra: Minneapolis. but I became a Brewers fan. Because, and I can’t say this too loud here, but who cares about the American League, right?

Me: Who cares about the American League, she says, to an A’s and Tigers fan. And now you’re here in Baltimore.

Sierra: Now I’m here in Baltimore.

Me: I asked you before, but can you talk a little bit about what you do?

Sierra: I’m in a ballpark operations. So we run all the game-day staff and the day-to-day events with all the ushers and security and parking and media credentials, things like that.

Me: You are, almost without a doubt, the biggest baseball lover I have ever encountered on Twitter. How did that happen? Where did that come from?

Sierra: Well, I have to credit my dad for that. He took me to my first game at Candlestick Park when I was six weeks old, which was the start of it, but I grew up going to a lot of Giants’ games, obviously at AT&T Park after that. We were going to a lot of Giants game, and traveling around. We hit a bunch of different ballparks together, and I’m hitting some by myself now. I’m here without him.

Me: Did you mostly follow the Giants around? Or did you just kind of go to games wherever?

Sierra: We were doing that for a while because he was moved out to Minneapolis too, so whenever the Giants would play, Central Division teams basically, we would go down to St. Louis or to Milwaukee. We would hit all the games, obviously. We were hitting them that way for a while but then we realized that they’re not going to play all the AL Central teams, so we were going to have to bust out of that bubble a little we want to keep seeing stadiums.

Me: They did beat my Tigers in the World Series.

Sierra: Yeah. That was so beautiful.

Me: For you, yeah. So now you’re in Baltimore. Do you find yourself becoming an Orioles’ fan?

Sierra: I’m on record, I know.

Me: It might be a tricky, dangerous question. So answer carefully.

Sierra: You know what, I’m just gonna answer honestly: not even a little bit.

Me: Really?

Sierra: Yeah, I know. I’m all decked out. Just the other day. I went to the grocery store and I was in this outfit. Oriole patch shirt, sunglasses, bracelet, socks, the whole deal. And the lady at the register was like ‘Oh, big Orioles fan?’ And I was like, ‘no.’ No follow up or anything.


Me: But Camden Yards seems to be a beautiful place.

Sierra: I’m a big fan of the park. I just can’t get behind the American League: they put too many names up there on the scoreboard, you know? I can’t back that. It throws me off every single day. I’m like, Why are there 10 names up there? [editor’s note for those who aren’t sure what she’s talking about: Sierra’s not a big fan of the DH.]

Me: So, who are some of your favorite players of all-time?

Sierra: Well, I was a really big JT Snow fan as a kid. He was just the guy who played on the Giants when I was little. I was a big David Wright fan, though for a while, even though he didn’t play for Giants, but I followed him from his rookie season. A big fan of Troy Tulowitzki, who I got to see a lot when he was playing out west because he came a lot to play the Giants, so that was a lot of fun. I only got to see David Wright play a couple times.

Me: Less of a fan of Ryan Braun. I think I read that somewhere.

Sierra: Who, me?

Me: Yeah.

Sierra: Oh, I love Ryan Braun (smiles). I was very bitter towards him for several years, because I felt like Tulowitzki was snubbed for the 2007 Rookie of the Year. Because even though offensively Braun definitely took the cake on that, if you look at defensively, it is just not even a little bit close. If you watch Tulo play in 2007, Braun was playing third base his rookie year, and it was a disaster. He was horrible. It was just embarrassing. And Tulowitzki was phenomenal; I I felt like he got snubbed. So I had I had a little bit of resentment for a while.

Me: Sounds like it might still be there?

Sierra: I love Braun. I forgive him. (laughing)

Me: Well, Sierra, I really appreciate your time. I had mentioned before we started recording that I haven’t met a Twitter follower, a Twitter friend, in person until now. So this has been really cool to get a chance to actually just converse, like real people and not social media people.

Sierra: We are real people.

Me: That is true. I really appreciate it.

Sierra: No problem!


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